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Global Attitude Protocol (GAP)
Test your global mindset with the 15-question Global Attitude Protocol (GAP) and compare your results with those from a highly international group of students at a top MBA program.
Please select your response below for each of the following fifteen statements:
1. I speak multiple languages.
2. I have lived in countries other than my home country.
3. I enjoy traveling to and getting to know people from different parts of the world.
4. Some of my closest friends are of nationalities different from mine.
5. I think I would enjoy working in a country in which I haven't previously lived.
6. When I travel/live in another country I try to learn about the political, legal, economic, etc., institutions of that country—and how they differ from my own.
7. When I travel/live in another country, I try to learn about the cultural traditions of that country—and how they differ from my own.
8. I think I can develop an opinion about a person independent of any preconceived image of his/her national culture or religion.
9. I am comfortable working with people located in different countries.
10. I am comfortable working together with people from different cultures and backgrounds in the same location as me.
11. I understand the socioeconomic/political ramifications of world events and can evaluate how they might affect my business or investments.
12. I read newspapers and magazines with significant international content (e.g., International Herald Tribune, Economist, Fortune).
13. I listen to the world news on international TV channels (e.g., CNN International, BBC World Service, Al Jazeera)
14. I have used the Internet to expand my access to international news and commentary.
15. When I travel/live in another country, I make some attempt to look at local media as well.
Please tell us a little about yourself (optional):
A. What country/territory do you live in?
B. What country/territory were you born in?
C. Which best describes your occupation?
D. How old are you?
E. What is your gender?