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GLOBE Teaching Materials / 3. GLOBE Cases

Grolsch: Growing Globally

In November 2007, SAB Miller, the world´s second largest brewer,1 announced the friendly takeover of the world’s 51st largest, Royal Grolsch N.V. of the Netherlands, for €816m in cash - 84% more than Grolsch’s value over the previous month. Nick Fell, SABMiller’s Marketing Director, explained the logic of the deal:
“[Grolsch is] a fantastic brand. It’s North European, it’s a fantastic product, it’s got unimpeachable brewing credentials and authenticity and credibility. And it’s a damn good product. So for anybody interested in developing their premium beer business, this is an absolute peach of a brand to get hold of… we see huge potential for it in our global footprint, particularly in markets like Latin America and Africa where we’ve got a strong route to market but where the premium beer business is still in its infancy.”

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GLOBE Teaching Materials / 3. GLOBE Cases
Indian IT Services Industry in 2007

“Many years ago, there was an industrial revolution; we missed it for reasons beyond our control. Today there is a new revolution – a revolution in information technology, which requires neither mechanical bias nor mechanical temperament. Primarily it requires the ability to think clearly. This we have in abundance. We have the opportunity to participate in this revolution on an equal basis; we have an opportunity, even, to assume leadership in this revolution. If we miss this opportunity, those who follow us will not forgive us for our tardiness and negligence.”
—TCS Deputy Chairman F. C. Kohli, 1975 Speech to Computer Society of India

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GLOBE Teaching Materials / 3. GLOBE Cases
Mittal Steel in 2006: Changing the Global Steel Game

On January 27, 2006, Laxmi Niwas Mittal (LNM) and his son, Aditya Mittal, Chairman & CEO and
CFO respectively of Mittal Steel, prepared for the press conference at which they would announce
Mittal Steel’s unsolicited $22.8 billion bid to acquire the European steelmaker Arcelor. Although
Mittal Steel had been a prime mover behind the consolidation of the industry—and most participants
and observers in 2006 seemed to accept the logic of consolidation—an offer for Arcelor was unlikely
to have been anticipated by the industry. Arcelor had been created in 2001 by the merger of three
European steelmakers—Usinor (France), Arbed (Luxembourg), and Aceralia (Spain)—that were
themselves, in turn, the result of previous mergers in their respective countries. Mittal Steel and
Arcelor were at that point the two largest and most global steel producers; it would have been far
easier to imagine the two giants growing in parallel through other significant acquisitions. For
example, World Steel Dynamics had sketched out a scenario in which Mittal Steel acquires the Anglo-
Dutch steelmaker Corus and Arcelor acquires ThyssenKrupp of Germany1. Yet, at the announcement
of the offer on that winter day in London, LNM, described by the New York Times as having “never
been bashful about his global ambitions2,” would present the combination of Mittal Steel and Arcelor
as the next logical step in the evolution of the industry.

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