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GLOBE Teaching Materials
This section contains the basic materials required to teach an introductory course on the implications of globalization for businesses and those who lead them.  The materials are based on a 12-session course, the Globalization of Business Enterprise (GLOBE), developed by Pankaj Ghemawat for the first year of the MBA program at IESE Business School.

The GLOBE course was developed and refined during the term of Ghemawat’s membership of the AACSB taskforce on the globalization of business education. Chapter 4 from the report issued by that taskforce, Globalization of Management Education: Changing International Structures, Adaptive Strategies, and the Impact on Institutions (Emerald, 2011), provides a detailed discussion of how GLOBE’s design responds to the imperatives identified by the taskforce. But in brief, GLOBE responds to the need identified by academic thought leaders for a course that introduces students of business to a framework for thinking broadly but systematically about the differences between countries. It is not a course on international macroeconomics nor tailored to a particular functional area.  More specifically, this section contains:
  • Documents (syllabus, assignment questions, supplemental resources, chapter from AACSB report, etc.)
  • Selected Readings (for students)
  • Selected Cases (for students; note other cases on syllabus are available from Harvard Business School Publishing)

Additionally, the following materials are available for instructors only by e-mail to

  • Teaching Notes
  • Powerpoint Presentations (for in-class use)
Updated materials will be added to this website as they become available.

For permission to use these materials to deliver or a course or to sign up for automatic notification of the availability of new/updated materials please e-mail
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